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Black Hummer Limo

stretch to 11 meters and weighing over 5 tonnes the Hummer Limousine, and its 6.5 liter V8 Engine, is the most secure ride on the road. Full chrome accessories, big truck tyres and tinted windows the sight of this vehicle on the road turns heads and stops people in their tracks. Get the real party experience in a Hummer Limousine, the largest Limousine of its type in Australia is perfect for weddings, parties and any occasion you wish to make special. Seating up to 16 people with 4 widescreen LCD screens, 3 bars, plush leather interior, Laser lighting, DVD and CD players, integrated sound system with Ipod dock. LED Colour lit dance floor and smoke machines

Sure to impress this amazing machine seats up to 16 people, with fully serviced bars, leather seats, LCD monitors, Karaoke system with countless number of songs, DVD, MP3, CD and IPOD Players, state of the art sound system, Fiber Optic and LED, Strobe and laser Lighting effects and phone communication to the driver, this is the perfect vehicle suitable for all occasions and for an experience never to be forgotten.

Choose the Best Suited Vehicle

Make sure you have the right vehicle that will suit your event. A classic antique limousine will be a great choice for your wedding but an absolute misfit for your bachelor party! Be sure about the seating arrangements as well as the luggage capacity before you hire. You have to make sure that you do the booking with enough time in hand. This will help you stay out of tension during your big event. The process of searching for the right company will take some time and thus you must start the process earlier.